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Medical Protective Mask II 9501



Medical Protective Masks (II 9501) are intended for use in medical facilities, and provide basic protection for medical personnel or related personnel. The product is for single use only.

The 3D Medical Protective Masks - Model II 9501, meets the Chinese standards GB19083-2010 Medical Protective Mask.


1) 4 Layers of filtration - 2 layers of spunbond non-woven fabric, 2 layers of melt-blown fabric;

2) Material - inner fabric is skin-friendly and anti-allergic, outer non-woven fabric is water-repellency;

3) Three-dimensional design - makes the face mask more fit to different face shapes, reducing the leakage points;

4) Low suction impedance - provide good air permeability;

5) Wider elastic earbands - wearing for a long time without tight and allergic reaction;

6) Adjustable nose bridge - improve protection performance;

7) Provides at least 95% filtration efficiency.



1. Unfold the mask and distinguish the outer and inner side. The side "上" is the upper side;

2. Pull the straps and position them below ears to cover the mouth and nose;

3. Adjust the top of masks to fit the contour of nose bridge, and check if it is centered;

4. Put fingers on the middle of masks, and check the tightness with your check;


IFU of 3D mask


1. Check the integrity of small package. Do not use if the package is damaged or there is foreign matter in the bag.

2. Use immediately after opening the package, and avoid hand contact with the inside of the mask;

3. The product is single use only and shall be destroyed after use. DO NOT attempt to re-use after 8 hours;

4. Validity of the product is 3 years since the manufacturing date;

5. Refer to the package or the qualification certificate for batch number, production date and expiry date of masks;

6. It is recommended that the mask not be used if beards, facial hair or other conditions exist (skin rash, acne, etc.) that prevent an effective seal between the face and the mask;

7. Do not use the face mask when oxygen concentration is less than 19.5%, because this product does not supply oxygen. Use only in adequately ventilated areas with sufficient oxygen;

8. If the mask was damaged or contaminated during use, or if breathing with the mask becomes increasingly difficult, replace it with a new one.


1. Keep away from direct sunlight; store in a cool dry place. Keep away from ozone sources or naked flame. Store in their original packaging. Store between -20°C and 38°C, and in humidity ≤80%.

2. Packaging: Can be provided in both sterile and non-sterile form

    ① Non-sterile: 25pcs/bag, 50pcs are packed per box, 2000pcs are packed per carton;

    ② Sterile: 1pc/pouch, 50pcs/box, 1200pcs are packed per carton.

3. Shelf life: 3 years.


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